Greetings and salutations from all of us at Headspace. I’m Izak Flash Man, and this is a newsletter. Gosh I really gotta work on my intros. Oh well. Better luck next time I guess.
Well we have just finished our first block of headspace. Which is of course, the study block. This was also a time of getting to know the team as well as the bible. First impressions of the team were good. We have a wide range of weird and wonderful characters who make up the team of fifteen. To get a picture of what the team is like, get a highly explosive and volatile liquid and imagine that if any of the ingredients are filtered out it would change completely and come out feeling a little lonely for loosing its H2oh

First Impressions

The first few days of headspace were a really cool time. It was nice to get to know Christian’s my own age. We went for walks up Mt Eden and it was so pretty to just stand there and have a 365 view of Mt Eden. We did a photo safari Which was so much fun and a good way to get to no each other. We went all over Auckland getting lots of funny picturse and doing fun stuff. On the first Saturday the leadership team had a training day to go to so we got to go into Auckland city with Josh (a gapper from last year.) and go shopping. It was nice to just hang out with people and get to know them just a little better. It was really nice to sit around and talk about God when ever we like and sit around the camp fire on the third week and sing songs and just talk about what was happening. The places we have stayed all have their good and bad points but they were all great.

Heh heh. Funny side note, Frank (Michael hayles) went and gave himself tissue damage in his foot from Mt Eden. It was looking to be broken for a while but thankfully we prayed the heck out of it and it seems to be doing just fine now. It would also take an entire newsletter for us to tell you about the awesome stuff that happened during the photo safari. But thats what you get for not being on headspace… EXCLUDED. Mwahahaha, haaah. Kidding.

Wasup nigga WHAT!? Haha just kidding im not a gangsta yet…
so anyway headspace is a big change for me as i have been living in the same house all my life and now im on a homestay rampage! And staying at a different places every week! Not to mention sleeping outside. So yeah, 1st night, all us gappers play our first game of cards, and guess what it is?? Scum (oh so original) but it was mean, it was a total icebreaker for all of us really and we got to start to know each other. D-Day 1 we started playing team building games and it was kind of embarrassing cause we didn’t know each other BUT. But that night we all got talking and well for some reason we all started swapping personal stories which was cool because that was a even bigger icebreaker… it was like a iceberg breaker! And we all just clicked together really well (flash just farted). So after like the first week i got to know all the names of the gappers, it went in the order of something like this. Michael, Isaac, Jason(we called him josh at first), Jo, Amy, Zack, Beth, Hannah b, Leanna, Teresa, Hannah k, Jess, Corli, Rachel. Well that was actually like 2 days. So D-Day 4 was our first lecture and cant remember what it was but I’m sure it was cool… but i do remember we did a few cool courses in which i learn’t heaps. There was the personalties course, then anger management and well i couldn’t tell you more off the top of my head. Ok now some good stuff. Photo safari: on the last night we stayed at M.T Eden we played a game called Photo safari. Pretty much we did random stuff and took photos of it. For instance we had to propose to someone random, and Josh(from last years team) told me id get 200 points if i did the safari in just my boxers, including the proposal. But unfortunately i didn’t really have appropriate underwear at the time. Anyway. For one of the things we had to do was we had to put 3 bucks petrol into the van. So we did that and when Amy was paying for it, a police car stopped beside us for some petrol as well so jess got out of the van and purposed to one of the police officers, the officers reply was “ Sorry, I am on Duty”. HAHAHA it was crack up. And there were other random things among that we did that evening. So next day we went up to Bethels and stayed at a camp up there. And by this time we had all pretty well aquanted by then. Over the next 3 weeks we did lots of lectures and stuff, but i’m just going to leave you all with a signature handstand photo that me and Flash have been taking around the world (by world i mean NZ)

dang it, there goes half the newsletter, I told you guys it would take heaps of space to talk about the Safari. XD

Believe it or not, Headspace, as fun as it is, is not a year of slacking off. Us 15 Gappers have sat through some rather intense lectures ranging from Anger Management (rather relevant considering we have to put up with each other 24/7) to lectures taking us right through the Bible. One of the favourites has been the Personality Plus lecture, revealing our personalities and showing how to deal with others. Although we have filled several note books with doodles (we all hastily agreed that it is easier to listen whilst drawing) we have all learnt some incredibly valuable stuff. It has been very exciting to dive into the Bible, be challenged and have some very important questions answered!

One of these questions has been about predestination, with which we grill our lecturers on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Which is good, cause now we can rate our lecturers and give them a score. Some lecturers have been booed out for not being able to answer the practically unanswerable paradox.