So we finished block 1. Which was studying and team building. Woohoo. Were now in what previous gappers have called the hardest part of the year, block two. Work experience.

So while were on the subject why not talk about work. Well first off its pretty much like working for allied workforce. So no shocks for me. Were in an apple packing place. 10 hour days. 7 till 5. No work on weekends. Its pretty boring for the most part. Unless you find a freakishly retarded apple which makes you laugh. It can either be mind numbing, or panicy insane, while you try and stop all the apples fall onto the ground.

Last night me and peaky got “Mentoring” from Eddy our intern. It wasn’t bad actually. We had coke and a spa. Oooh yea. But being guys they couldn’t just leave things alone. So rather than enjoy it much they waded around the edges pressing all the buttons making bubbles come out of random orrifices… Of the spa, not them. The house it was at was awesome and massive. Honestly I gaped when I saw the room with the four poster bed and the fridge with blue neons inside it.