(“No, Put me,” Says Mum. & we all Know Mums the word.)

Hoky poky. So we had more personality tests today. Didn’t learn anything particularly new. Turns out Im a peaceful playful. So I get laxed out and good listeners, and also I love talking and getting in your face. Or so they say, I personally dont believe them, Im OUBviously a powerful leader who likes to line up pencils.

I need to slow down on this spending thing. Im going through it like we go through food a headspace. Or the way I go through coke….. At any point..

Last night we decided to play cheat. It pretty much ended with me *trying* to burp, falling off my chair onto the floor, and pulling a constipated expression while trying to laugh… Good times. Wazowski, Atak, Frank, and flash having a laughing fit.

frank here!@! just a quick what up and to say (i farted) i rock and roll (i built this city on that too) all night long, sweet suzi. oh and its not a very good idea to try and eat half of a watermelon larger than your head, as the oh so lovely mum and i found out this afternoon. i must say though, im slightly embarrassed at all the attention that zac atak is getting from the ladies, im not sure if they are joking or not, and frank (myself) and flash. i myhself have actually been told to get sleeping pictures of him, i might take a eyebrow for them for some DNA… LOL once again, im the man XD peace out xox

(Izak flash Again) Sorry, Im a gimp, MOUNT Eden, not GLEN eden. I noticed I kept saying that in my last post.