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What Women Want

This one’s a true story which is pretty much verbatim. Let’s just say that if you hit on Zara you’re not going to get an eloquent refusal. Also she loves books more than she loves people I think. Also she’s married, so you’ll thank her later for not letting you waste your time. Also she eats jugulars. Just the jugular, it’s considered a delicacy among her people.

↓ Transcript
Book Blurb:
“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This time hallowed maxim formed the basis for the world as we know it after a previous universe ended less than satisfactorily. Tracing the rise and fall (and rise again) of man, this comprehensive volume introduces a motley cast of wizards and wankers, priests and perverts


  1. totenglocke totenglocke January 15, 2016

    This is why, despite being a good looking, educated man, I don’t even bother talking to women. They’ve been conditioned to think that any attempt from a male to talk to them is “evil” (unless he’s exceptionally good looking and / or wealthy).

    • Yes Yes January 15, 2016

      I sincerely hope you continue not “even bothering” talking to women for the rest of your life. They’re all better off without you.

      • canadianbacon canadianbacon January 16, 2016

        You’re either a cunt or a mangina.

        • OliviaCatSunflower OliviaCatSunflower January 16, 2016

          You sound like a mancunt.

        • Kwang Pak Kwang Pak January 16, 2016

          Probably both

      • Kwang Pak Kwang Pak January 16, 2016

        Uhm I argue he’s the one MUCH better off than dealing with hags that is today’s modern woman.

    • BeckyHunt BeckyHunt January 15, 2016

      If she thought every attempt from a male to talk to her was “evil’ she would not be married and I would not have a fiance. She just wanted to read dude, the guy doesn’t deserve more of a response from her.

      • d3lness d3lness January 15, 2016

        A) Mentioning that she’s married changes the tone of the story a bit. B) She could have just said “I’m married” or “you’ll have to excuse me, I’m a bit absorbed at the moment”. Being married doesn’t give you the right to be rude when somebody isn’t being vulgar or exceedingly persistent. I’m not some douche from Spearhead or something, but your story and you drawing it is nothing more than standard fedora laiden asshatery.

        • BeckyHunt BeckyHunt January 15, 2016

          You’re absolutely correct, what she said was incredibly rude. Which is why we drew it, it was extremely funny. Imagine one of you closest friends, one of you more eloquent and loquacious friends not being able to think of anything it say because she was so absorbed in a book. All she could come up with was “GO AWAY” = funny. (albeit rude)

          • d3lness d3lness January 15, 2016

            But god forbid a guy did it, I’m sure if I used the defense “the girl doesn’t deserve more of a response from him” I’d get labeled some women hating dingbat. I get Quon’s comment and you dismissing it is problematic. Women aren’t “evil”, but there are plenty that give the decent members of the 2X club a bad name. Saying it’s justified because she’s married is crap.

          • BeckyHunt BeckyHunt January 15, 2016

            I see you’ve replied to my first comment twice and not bothered to read the reply. Just fyi it is a comic about an awkward social situation, not a political statement.

          • d3lness d3lness January 15, 2016

            Huh, so I did. In my defense, I clearly read the second reply considering I quoted it. My commentary is more aimed towards people arguing totenglocke’s point. I have no issue with the comic itself. That was a broken train of thought on my point. However, I will not remove the “standard fedora laiden asshatery” label from arguments promoting being told off in that manner. Don’t read into it past “Intentionally telling people to go away like that is not okay. Fuck you if you think otherwise.”

            P.S. At least most of us can agree that user David Webb should throw himself into the nearest available car fire.

          • Kwang Pak Kwang Pak January 16, 2016

            Not funny at all, it’s just plain rude.

      • totenglocke totenglocke January 15, 2016

        The story and the comic are not related. The story is real, the comic are fictional characters. Not to mention that women always tell guys to “meet nice girls at the book store” and such, yet if you so much as say “Hi”, they act like you just tried to rape and murder them (not necessarily in that order).

      • Kwang Pak Kwang Pak January 16, 2016

        Really? Next time your in need of aid, don’t get mad at men who ignore you, you do not deserve their help.

        Works both ways.

    • Quon Quon January 15, 2016

      It’s comments like yours that, despite me being a good looking, educated woman, make me suspect that any attempt from a male to talk to me is “evil”, regardless of whether he’s exceptionally good looking and/or wealthy. This is especially true if I’m reading.

      • totenglocke totenglocke January 15, 2016

        Yes, because me not wanting to be treated as sub-human for simply saying “hi” makes men evil. Thank you for proving my point.

      • David Webb David Webb January 15, 2016

        That’s nonsense… literally. That logic just doesn’t follow!

      • LTryptophan LTryptophan January 16, 2016

        This is a petty, childish, non logical, tit-for-tat response that proves how poorly your mind is able to relate to other people’s point of view. Pathetic; this is the type of weak, and thoughtless response one would expect from a child.

        You didn’t ask him for any sources that furthur prove his points (cause you don’t care)

        You didn’t try to consider if he was right, even on simply logical level (because your easily aroused defensive emotions encumber your intellect)

        You did not consider the factors that cause a person to make a comment such as his (because you lack empathy, an under appreciated form of intelligence)

        All you did was make him look better in the eyes of non biased, thinking readers.

    • David Webb David Webb January 15, 2016

      Yeah, well, I see lots of good-looking White girls with niggers or White-trash bums. I’m proud this isn’t a problem within the Jewish community, though we are responsible for it to a large extent. Interracial marriage is illegal In Israel, yet we push most of the interracial/ PC “tolerance” agenda in the West.

      Have you tried online dating?

      • Shlomo S Shlomo S January 15, 2016

        Go back to Reddit.

        • David Webb David Webb January 16, 2016

          And what about the truth? Are you going to deny this reality or just chase it out of the imagined “safe space” in your mind?

          I’ve said nothing but the truth, but suit yourself! It’s your culture — and your whole country — that’s falling apart. Me and mine have our haven in Israel.

          • Shlomo S Shlomo S January 16, 2016

            I doubt you’re Jewish or from Israel. Instead, you’re an edgy Redditor who’s trying to play on the trope of ‘Jews forcing multiculturalism everywhere but Israel.’

          • David Webb David Webb January 16, 2016

            My friend, again, you can think what you will. It’s your culture and your country that’s dying. You and the rest of the world can cast stones at the Jews, but the Anglo world is, no doubt, dying.

            Muslims are the fasting growing population in the U.K. and Germany. So much so that they must import young, foreign-born men to sustain their economies.

            In America, Hispanic and Black births outnumber those of Whites, despite Hispanics and Blacks taking more in government services than they contribute in taxes. The same for Europe.

            The Anglo world is dying while Israel thrives with strong, pure Jewish families and a stable economy… ALL built on the tax dollars and investments of the Anglo world that refuses to help itself for the sake of not appearing “racist.”

            Think what you will, my friend, but the sword swings over your head!
            You can only deny reality for so long!

          • Shlomo S Shlomo S January 16, 2016

            Israel’s largest growing demographics are Orthodox Jews (who don’t serve in the military or contribute beyond occasionally murdering Palestinian babies) and Arabs. Of course, you wouldn’t know that. Because you’re not Israeli or Jewish.

          • David Webb David Webb January 18, 2016

            My friend, your hatred blinds you!

            I never mentioned the demographics of Israel. I said “Muslims are the fasting growing population in the U.K. and Germany.” Once again, “in the U.K. and Germany.” Although with the influx of “refugees”, that might now apply to anywhere in Europe.

            However, I’m curious to know how pious Orthodox Jews “murder Palestinian babies” if they don’t serve in the military and, therefore, are never in combat situations. They don’t ever care to own firearms for their own defense, so how do they commit these acts against others?

            I ask because you are such an expert in these matters, yes?

            No, my friend, your hatred truly blinds you! Even now, you would much rather discredit me than acknowledge the truth of what I say. Even as you are convinced that I am neither Israeli or Jewish, what bearing does it have on the truth of what I’ve said: That the Anglo world is dying from an unnatural multicultural, “politically-correct” psychosis!

          • Shlomo S Shlomo S January 18, 2016

            I’m not talking the IDF. I’m talking about fanatic religious settlers who think they have a god-given right to all of biblical Israel. The IDF isn’t particularly fond of them. You’d know that if you were actually from Israel, but as we’ve already established, you’re not.

          • David Webb David Webb January 18, 2016

            My friend, make up your mind! First, you misrepresent my words on the demographics of Europe as being the demographics of Israel (and you shamefully neglect to apologize or at least acknowledge your mistake).

            Then you disparage pious Jews for not serving in the IDF (which is not entirely true) but then insist that they are also murders. Oh, but “I’m not talking the IDF.”

            Well, perhaps you’re not the expert even you think yourself to be, because then you would also know that the IDF does not permit settlers to posses firearms — which they do not want to posses anyhow!

            Should I anticipate a truthful revelation to explain your radical accusation of them being murders without firearms or military machinery?

            But now I digress from what I’ve been saying all along, and what should really concern you more: That the Anglo world is dying from an unnatural multicultural, “politically-correct” psychosis!

            Perhaps you should worry about your people, and leave us to settle our own affairs? That’s at least one attitude that pious Jews and fundamentalist Islamist’s have in common towards western Goy!

          • Shlomo S Shlomo S January 19, 2016

            Settlers do possess firearms. You’d know that, but – as I’ve mentioned multiple times already – you’re not Jewish or Israeli.

          • David Webb David Webb January 22, 2016

            My friend, you again intentionally misrepresent my words, or your reading comprehension is very, very selective. Again, your hate blinds you.

            What I said is that settlers “don’t ever care to own firearms” and that “the IDF does not [officially] permit settlers to posses firearms.” Both statements are true and open knowledge. The IDF doesn’t want settlers “stirring the pot” by instigating violence with their own arms.

            Of course, there are “zealous” settlers that do have arms and do incite violence; like the Hilltop Youth who burn Christian churches and harass tourists and journalists. They are the exception and the police have arrested many of their members. There’s almost always a fringe, but that fringe does not speak for the whole body.

            Most settlers do not posses firearms and believe that the IDF should protect them, which they do with Netanyahu’s full support.

            Those found to posses firearms illegally are immediately disarmed, or at least that’s the official policy.

            But all this gets away from you explaining your allegations that pious Orthodox Jews “murder Palestinian babies” — how do they do it? Please, you’ve explained so much and with such detail… explain how pious Orthodox Jews “murder Palestinian babies.”


          • Shlomo S Shlomo S January 22, 2016

            Piety doesn’t preclude a person from being a murderous savage. If anything, it offers a divine justification for those evil actions. You don’t have to research too hard to find cases of devout settlers murdering civilians. Just recently, they burn a house with a newborn baby in it. You’d know this, but…well, you know the rest.

    • Manifest Manifest January 16, 2016

      Is “good-looking” actually the first descriptor you use to describe yourself? Followed with “educated” as if you’re somehow better than those who don’t have the opportunity to become educated and deserve better treatment for these qualities? I can go to BK to read (not that I know how to read, because I’m uneducated) and get a bite and not ever have to worry about being hit on. If I did all the time, I’d be perfectly free and inclined to be curt (except to you, you beautiful, intelligent man mmmm.)

      • Kwang Pak Kwang Pak January 16, 2016

        You must live under a rock. Of course there are men who are better looking than other men. What a stupid assumption to make.

        You hit the nail on the head with your next observation. You’re clearly not very well educated.

    • Manifest Manifest January 16, 2016

      If that’s true, they’ve been “conditioned” to think that by the men who hit on them. If we’re gonna generalize, you’ve never gotten hit on by a man (probably), so the only experience you have with men is when you (the perfect good-looking educated man) hit on a girl. And not everyone can be as perfect as you.

      • Kwang Pak Kwang Pak January 16, 2016

        I’ve been hit on homosexual men before. I’m flattered when it hapoens.

    • MGTOW MGTOW January 16, 2016

      Seriously men, just avoid interacting with modern women. They are not worth the risk, and you are just one false accusation away from serious trouble.

    • Studentenviro Studentenviro January 20, 2016

      Self praise is no recommendation. Maybe you are the only one who thinks you are good looking and educated. By not talking to you I think they are probably a lot smarter than you.

  2. BeckyHunt BeckyHunt January 15, 2016

    Thats an interesting backwards looking book you have there Izak

    • izak1399 izak1399 January 15, 2016

      I know! Kristof pointed it out as well, but there was no way I was going to go back and change it. In Earth 2.0 everyone has realised why it’s way better to read the Japanese way.

  3. FuckedbythePatriarchy FuckedbythePatriarchy January 16, 2016

    HAHAHA, what a funny comic!!!! You go, girl!! Teach more women to act like unbearable assholes and treat men like subhumans so that they finally stop bothering wasting their time with the mentally deficient children that women are.

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