This was inspired by the Library of Babel – both the short story by Jorge Luis Borges and the mind shattering online version of his fictional library. Seriously, go check it out. And take the time to understand what it’s doing. It will blow your little brains out. It certainly did mine.

Also inspired by our species’ inexplicable tendency to choose the banal over the revolutionary. I love boobs as much as the next guy (or gal) but there are higher things at stake here, goddammit!

↓ Transcript
The creator of All-AI has sat his humanity-infused robot down in front of a computer and is leaning over its shoulder, explaining. Any irony here is wholly lost on him. “In a nutshell, this virtual library contains every word and letter combination possible. The hard part is finding anything useful.”

“But your ability to think like a human, only thousands of times faster, is perfect for this job. Go ahead: discover the next great novel, or a cure for cancer!”

The robot has typed one word into the search bar: boobs. “Heh.”
The man is deflated. “I don’t know what I expected.”