Kite and Mule-bot are back, continuing their subterranean adventures! I can relate to Mule-bot on this one. There’s so many factors to consider in every choice, how can you know that you’re really making the right decision, and not falling into some grave mistake because you’re missing a key piece of information? That’s where a strong moral or ethical code is handy, because you don’t really have to agonize too much about it. Just cross-reference your current situation with your chosen behavioural handbook and you’re sorted. If that’s not your jam though, it’s easy to get caught overthinking things ad infinitum. I do genuinely envy people like Kite, who are comfortable just taking a stab at life without getting too bogged down. There are pros and cons of course, but if you’re never going to have enough info to make the perfect choice, then you might as well just go straight ahead and boldly pick your path.

↓ Transcript
Kite and Mule-bot are in low ceilinged room, rife with ducts and cables. Set into one of the walls are three airlock-type hatches. Each one has an arcane cyber-rune stamped above it. On the floor, leading to each of the hatches, are circuit paths.
“Come on, let’s take the left hand door.”

Kite holds a hatch open for Mule-bot, who hovers up over the lip.
“Don’t worry, I never know. How boring would that be?”