Say hello to Archy Redface again, it’s been a while since we last saw him.

Armageddon is over, hope everyone got a chance to head over. I didn’t. I was in Hamilton visiting mates and not looking at the Hamilton Gardens as we dusted off Pokemon Go. But while we weren’t looking friggin’ NZ comics legend Ant Sang¬†went and bought our comic! I literally have his Shaolin Burning graphic novel sitting on the shelf beside me as I write this. AH!

I think next time we do some books we’re definitely going to have to have colour covers, just to make them pop a bit more. But hey, if you want you can get what we have so far over at the store. You don’t even need to be a comics legend to get them either, I’ll be just as excited! I promise!

All the proceeds go towards printing the next issues for you guys and not toward noble causes like Africa or Friday beer money.

↓ Transcript
I tried speed dating once.

By the end of the night I had twelve new X girlfriends.