I wrote this more than six months ago now. I’d just read about this horrifying condition that causes some people to stop sleeping, permanently. They don’t survive long, and they tend to go mad in the end. I found the idea terrifying – so naturally it ended up as a Halloween comic. Becky drew last year’s Halloween special as well, and as much as I love Homecoming, I think this one turned out even better.

↓ Transcript
What Dreams May Come - a Halloween Comic

A man sits alone in a chair, wide awake and staring straight ahead, lit by shafts of moonlight coming in through the window.
“One day I just stopped sleeping.”

A close up of the man’s face. His expression is one of tightly controlled terror.
“They tell me there’s no cure and that I’ll only last a few more months. In the meantime...”

An unrealistically high angle view of the man in his chair, making him look small and helpless. Terrifying monsters loom over him and coil around his body, leering grotesquely.
“I can still dream.”