I  was trying to decide whether it was more correct to say six days instead of seven. But if you believe that rest days aren’t an important aspect of the creation process you have no appreciation for mental health or the creative process… of creating dishes. Just saying.

Kristof and I have been busy this week, watching movies and making reviews for various stuff. I’ll be dropping them here but feel free to subscribe on Youtube and go check out the rest early. Also feel free to offer suggestions for what we should review or explain next.

Alita Battle Angel Quick Review

I got to watch Alita Battle Angel with Kdog the other day. He graciously took me as his +1.

I first heard of Alita whenever the first concepts leaked of Alita having massive eyes and everyone going “gross”. Honestly though, it’s not something that will bother you for long when you’re in the theater.

I was cautiously excited to go see Alita, but I was burnt after being openly enthusiastic about seeing the yawnfest Ghost In The Shell turned out to be. The movies share commonalities in settings and the human/robot interfacing business. Except where Ghost In the Shell plays with how horrific it is to find out you’re a puppet, Alita gets on with the business of living and taking life.

While Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, and Mahershala Ali all do their jobs, Rosa Salazar shines as the protagonist of the film. She’ll melt your heart in the first scene, it’s only a pity that Keean Johnson who plays her love interest comes across as sunglasses-on-hat-backwards lame cool guy to really have any chemistry with her.

Kristof echoes my sentiments for the protagonist. “Alita herself won me over with her big cute manga eyes, while the rest of the film kept trying to butt in like some basic-bitch third wheel.”

The movie gets real shakey in the latter half, with an odd cut here and there to kick off the last sequence of events, although not as bad as the monumental mess that was the last half of The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Fortunately no matter what the story is doing the action is solid at every junction. At no point is the action an opportunity to turn off and go to sleep. The movie stands up on the action alone which is a relief because it couldn’t have done it with some of the script that made it through. The spectacle is awesome, and the CGI stands up as good as you could expect with James Cameron in the producer role pumping as much dosh as possible into his passion project.

It’s rare but this is one of those movies that I was only half way through when I was like “shit I want more of this movie, I want a sequel right now.”

To offer balance Kristof says he wouldn’t. “Not unless I got free tickets to the IMAX pre-screening. ;)”

So do me a favour go and watch this movie because I want there to be another one, and I don’t mind sacrificing your wallets for more of what I want to see.