Although the reaction of the main character in this comic is over dramatic and cheesy, the punchline was too good for me not to draw it. I think this is something that every woman must get. It seems to evolved from “She’s grumpy today, she must have her period” when we were at school, to “Feeling ill? Not pregnant are you?” The latest time this happened to me, the person started by asking if I felt “ok” because I looked pale. When I mentioned I was feeling unwell they went on to say the above and when I assured them that I was not pregnant they said, “are you sure? Feeling sick in the morning is a symptom of pregnancy.”

NO SHIT. That is why it is called morning sickness.
The fact that I’m a woman hasn’t escaped me. No need to give me “the talk”, I am 26 years old. Just don’t say this to a woman. It’s beyond rude and childish. I wouldn’t usually rant about this but this particular person has asked me if I’m pregnant half a dozen times over the last few years at work and it’s not very pleasant.

Why is nobody in this strip using the handles on their mugs?



↓ Transcript
IZS Becky and a female co-worker are standing by the office coffee machine.
“Eurgh, I feel so ill this morning.”
“Ooo, I hope you’re not pregnant!”

IZS Becky punches her co-worker right in the guts, leaving her bent over and gasping.
“Yeah, I hope you’re not pregnant too.”