I was half way through drawing the original comic (pictured in it’s current state below) when I suddenly went “wait a minute.” and did the other one (above) instead upon Kristof’s nods of approval.

This week I’ve started what feels like half a dozen comics, all of which are still blue lines or got thrown out.


Hey, just so you know. We just opened our online store. There was some fuckery going on with paypal for a bit, but now it’s all up and running! Even if you aren’t going to buy anything I recommend you trawl through the descriptions for the products. Kristof put a bit of effort into making them as amusing as possible.

We’ve kept the prices as low as possible. Hardly anything on there at the moment will break a ten dollar note even after postage. And it’s all in NZD as well! So for you Americans you can get most of the stuff for the same price as a¬†glass bottle of coke. Weird comparison but here in NZ everything is traded in glass coke bottles since England confiscated all our money with the Queen on it.

↓ Transcript
I don't know what you should draw but I have this real clever line I've been working on. Check it out.

"Oh, I get it!"

Emotional Payload delivered. Do some drawing of some kind to flesh it out a little.