Both consciously and unconsciously we mimic the people who raised us. I guess it’s partly a survival thing. “If I can do everything that person has done in exactly the same way, I can probably be just as successful, and hopefully live to at least 50. After that I’ll just start winging it, live a little.”

Becky has been as sick as a 1080 backflip this weekend and I’ve found myself falling back on all the ways mum used to take care of me. It’s the only thing I knew to do, like a well worn track.

Dude, I’m still playing Warframe. Are you playing it yet? It’s spread like a virus through all my friends. Some were able to stop it’s malignant growth before it hit addiction levels, but others have got it terminally. I’m getting to the point where I might even start writing guides for it. God knows it needs it.

↓ Transcript
We ape the way our parents took care of us.

How would I act if I didn't have that example to follow?

Probably just get new kids.