All the props in our memory eventually get kicked away, one way or another. I had this thought last night after walking home after a 13 hour day, which I guess makes it even sadder somehow right?

I’d just like to say a big shout out to everyone who’s flooded in over from Imgur these last couple days to check out our stuff. ib0b, cheers for the linkback, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. For people who may be wondering why the comic varies so much, well we’re complex human beings here at IZS, and we’d get mega bored if all our comics were bestiality gags, so sometimes they’re just sad, or uplifting. You never know what you’re going to get, so brace your loins twice a week to either have a laugh, be absolutely confused by our obscure references, or just have a crisis over your mortality.

Talking about mortality, yesterday the site pooped itself a little. Fortunately Matt, secret 4th member of IZS, got it figured out and got us running again.

↓ Transcript
The scent of wet grass at the tail end of winter reminds me of childhood.

They say smell helps you remember.

They also say that as you get older, your sense of smell fades away.