This one, like many of Izak’s strips, came out of something someone actually said. The first line is more or less verbatim. All three of us thought the idea of rainbow grannies being superior to religion was so ridiculous that we just had to do something with it.

In other IZS news, we found out today that our enamel lapel pins which Becky designed are most likely going to arrive before the upcoming Tauranga Zinefest. We’ll definitely be posting more about them as soon has we have the pins in our grubby little hands, but for now let me just say that they’re adorable and just a wee bit ‘cheeky’. Also, shoutout to Ola, our most vocal Twitch follower yet who taught us about pierogi dumplings and Polish vodka. It’s nice when the void shouts back.

↓ Transcript
“I don’t believe in religion. So I told my son that gran is living in the rainbow now.”
“Oh yeah, there’s definitely nothing pseudo-religious about that.”

“Kid, your mother lied to you. She thinks your gran’s rotting in a hole.”

“Personally though, I think she’s rotting in hell.”