“You know, just for once I’d like someone to acknowledge that I have something to offer. That I’m somebody too. That I’m at least marginally nutritious.”

I ended up watching Becky draw a good chunk of this one on Twitch. It was something of a marathon session, given the demands of the new art style she’s trying out. It’s really fascinating to watch a piece develop, and gives me as a writer an insight into the artistic process that I’d never otherwise get, as they’d tell me to fuck off eventually if I was breathing down their neck in person for three hours. This way I can just watch their every move from the comfort of my couch. Way less creepy.

↓ Transcript
A leaf insect is hanging out on a branch, chatting to a caterpillar.
“Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible.”

“Everyone else gets noticed and I just sit here like I don’t even matter.”

A bird grabs the caterpillar. Caterpillar blood spurts onto the leaf insect as the bird prepares to devour its prey.
“Fucking typical.”