Now when your kid asks you where babies come from, you can avoid all that awkwardness about two people loving each other very much and creamy pee, and simply introduce them to this much more confusing and traumatic concept. I guarantee you, some parent out there has already tried it.

It’s an intriguing idea though (wasn’t mine – Izak came up with the concept) and would really explain a lot about human society. If that whole story about God putting us on Earth to be lords of the place turns out to be just a bunch of ego-boosting nonsense and we’re actually a giant penal colony like some cosmic 19th century Australia, everything starts to fall into place. The question is: what are you in for?

↓ Transcript
An angel is standing before a cherub who holds a burning sword.
“Selariel, you have been found guilty of cardinal crimes against Heaven.”

“I sentence you to LIFE.”

A squalling newborn baby, umbilical cord still attached, screams at the horror of it all.