This is one of those jokes I came up with and immediately thought, “Hmmm, I’m sure that’s been done before.” However, if that had stopped me from drawing, I’d never be able to draw again. It’s all been done before, my shitty teenage drawings of DBZ’s Trunks had been done before, as had my Yu-Gi-Oh obsession.

Oh man I had such a crush on Trunks and Yu-Gi-Oh…

But I digress. for all young (or even old) artists out there, don’t let the “might have been done before” hang over your head. Rehashing an idea or unknowingly coming up with something similar is completely different from plagiarism and plagiarism is very obvious when you see it.

To all those internet trolls who’d like to point out similar comics, go right on ahead, I love discovering new artists. 🙂

We have enough ideas to keep us busy for lifetimes, we don’t need to steal any. Also stealing ideas is such a waste of time and so fucking boring.

Thanks Kristof for the text in the first panel. You are a literary angel.