This one was quite the group effort. While Kristof and I were off representing the Brochat Badgers in Planetside 2, Becky decided to jump into the Skype convo and go over comic ideas. This ended up derailing the match as Kristof and I sat and watched her screencast of concepts for Lucifer. Here they are, hopefully I did them some justice in the finished piece.

The-Devil-Concepts Becky HuntThe-Devil-1000px-wide Becky Hunt

↓ Transcript
God is standing at the door of his palace while a heavenly throng crowds the palace steps, waving pickets reading things like Lucifer 4 God, I {heart} Morningstar, etc. Lucifer is standing next to God, a smug expression on her face. “You want to be God, huh Miss Lucifer Smarmy Pants? Well there are rules.”

There is a table set up with two chairs behind it, and two plates piled obscenely high with hotdogs. God is already sitting in front of his plate, robe sleeves rolled up, wearing a hotdog bib and possibly a truckers cap. Lucifer has just come across the scene. This is not what she was expecting. Not at all. “First one finished gets the keys to Heaven!” God booms cheerfully.

Same scene as panel two, but God is merrily tucking into the hotdogs while Lucifer looks on with a disdainful expression.
There are some things you will not stoop to, even if the universe is at stake. "You know what, I'm vegan."