It’s not easy making it to the top, you know. But if you are willing to sacrifice everything you hold dear, then you’ll find that the endless self torture, the lies, the fakery, the backstabbing and the gross neglect of your friends and family will prove worthwhile. You will stand on that podium while the people who silently hate you applaud and cheer, and finally you’ll be handed a smallish metallic token to say that, yes – you are the greatest. Until the next time.

Izak: I’d just like to note that yes, that is indeed the Airbender arrow. I’ve never watched the show. But Becky said it’d be funny to stick on there. Also this is the first time Becky and I have shared a character.  I had a slightly different take on Jackie’s fringe.

↓ Transcript
A little girl has just unwrapped a birthday present. Inside the box is an utterly adorable creature. It gazes up at the girl with huge twinkling eyes.
“I… I love you!”
“Oh my god, it can talk?
I love you too, Fluffles!”

An exhausted looking Fluffles is attempting to dance merrily whilst waving a streamer. She has plastered a manic rictus of a grin on her face and has tears in her eyes.
A loud voice, that of the little girl, comes from off panel.
“Again, Fluffles! It has to be perfect. Don’t you want to be a star?”
Fluffles replies in a small, almost inaudible voice, “no…”