When I first pitched Izak this idea, I really didn’t know if it was going to work. But hell if he doesn’t save my scripts time after time.

↓ Transcript
IZS Kristof is talking to someone behind the “camera”, man on the street style.
“The real problem with suicide reporting these days is whitewashing.”
A shaky voice comes from above, off panel.
“I’m gonna jump!”
“Yeah, okay!
All the details are cut out so you’re left with this vague, tragically romantic impression.”

A narrow, wide shot of a man falling from a tall building.
Kristof is a mere speck on the footpath below. “Wait for it…”

The jumper plunges to the ground right in front of Kristof, exploding into an elegant shower of petals. “Well fuck me.”

Kristof speaks directly to camera as the petals swirl perfectly around his head and shoulders. “That was goddamn beautiful.”