I’m currently writing this comic up somewhere in the upper North Island on a lifestyle block owned by our good friend Pepper ‘n Peter. Four cattle gates seperate us from the main road and our closest neighbours are a family of ducks we’ve been tasked with taking care of, God help them. PnP have forsaken this rural paradise for the hellfires of Australia.

I have to say, four gates are a real pain in the arse when you want to quickly nip over to the nearest big smoke (Which in New Zealand is rural speak for “city”, while in Australia it just accurately describes what a city is doing). Getting rained on while trying to do a physics puzzle with a lock that looks like it came out of Myst is a real bitch.

If you’re into butts and clouds consider buying a pin to show the whole world how you feel.


Unrelated music video, apart from the fact they just uploaded new music a couple hours ago (which admittedly is more average than I was hoping for).