An actual conversation between myself and Izak:
Izak, “Baby, help me think of a coooooomic”
Becky, “Ok…what subject do you want it to be on?”
Izak, “That’s not how it works-”
“What do you mean that’s not how it works? I just thought about caterpillars until this comic idea came to me” ^see above
“Well I know that’s how you write your comics-”
“What– bitch fight me”
*We fought like rabid piglets bred for war*
Becky *after asserting her dominance* “How about a comic about clouds?”
Izak “Its not going to work baby”
“Sure it is, how would a cloud feel if a jet plane flew up its ass?”
Izak “…..oh my god”
And that’s how this comic was wrote. You are welcome.

This, IZS fans, is a faithful narrative of every event in which we have been concerned together.

In other news, we’re up north! Woooo! Like waaaay up north. Izak says I should write about our time up here in this post lest I forget it. But if I’m honest, I’ve already forgotten most of it. What did we do today? I think we lay around, fed some ducks, then, when I was adequately bored, I dragged Izak’s ass around like three plant stores. I had fun.