This one was a duo effort – I had half a joke and an idea of where I wanted it to end up, then in despair went running to Izak for a decent punchline. He ended up taking it in a completely different direction to what I originally envisioned, but this version is way better and far more fucked up. To be honest though, I think he floated the idea purely because he really badly wanted to draw a salacious bed bug. The precise reason why is opaque to me, and I’m going to leave it that way.

↓ Transcript
A mother is standing at the door of her son’s bedroom, bidding him goodnight.
“Sleep tight - don’t let the bedbugs bite!”
The child replies cheerfully.
“I won’t!”

An oversized bedbug lounges salaciously in the bed. The kid rubs his neck.
“You gotta ease up on the hickeys; I think she’s onto us.”