Happy New Years! Sorry I had to rush this strip out so I could get to cleaning the house up for tonight. Who’s big idea was it to put christmas and New Years right next to each other, Jesus’s sense of timing on getting born was way off.

Another year another Soundcloud playlist of things I listened to this year. My listening habits are getting more and more fragmented as time goes on. Spotify’s stuff isn’t exactly comprehensive either but sometimes you really need to scrape the barrel to find what you’re after on Soundcloud. I think music on Soundcloud peaked with my 2015 list┬ábut I’m willing to crack on and see if there’s still anything worth listening to being uploaded.

Talking about brands going down the toilet, I caught wind of the Youtube Rewind business this morning. The videos which have normally celebrated the top content on the site has taken the inevitable move towards celebrating it’s own very advertiser friendly mission statement instead. This has meant that they get a bunch of celebrities off the site, as well as just some hollywood big names and used them as sock puppets to talk about how wonderful the world is. It’s as if they’re pretending as though Youtube is a wholesome platform akin to the Disney Channel, instead of the often controversial pit of creativity, memes and racism that it truly is.