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How to draw an eye in Photoshop

One of the most important parts of drawing is getting eyes right. People are drawn (ha!) to eyes and the people who aren’t are better at other things. You can pretty much draw your form like complete garbage but as long as they eyes are all good people will forget that the rest of the face has little to no detail. Invest in what you want people to look at! If it’s boobs and butts, make sure you polish the shit out of ’em!

Anyway I recommend by starting off by spending years learning how to draw eyes right and then just knock one out of the park on your first go, don’t even bother doing blue lines first. Those are for sissys.

Oops I forgot the pupil in that last step, that’s ok, chuck that in there. Pupils are easy to do when there’s only one eye to work with. When you get that pesky second one in there you need to start worrying about things getting derpy. Pop the pupil in there and make the eye ball look like a nipple with lids. Drop a little bit of blue in there and let it fade out, while you’re at it you may as well chuck a little reflection in there. Check it out! It’s already starting to get form.
Now do a solid colour in there, maybe blue. Because like, that’s what the tutorial I’m following is telling me to do. 
Dope! Now drop in a darker shade over the top and have it curve around the iris. Phew, don’t throw away the drawing just yet out of frustration. Get the edges of that shadow you just made and deepen them.
Be your own boss and do as I say. Put in some light reflection in there and fuzz the bottom one. Remember, don’t worry about actual light sources, those pesky little shits move all over the show and sometimes there’s more than one! Scribble in some line bits to show that you’re a master of detail. Don’t spend too much time on it, people aren’t going to be zooming in as you or me, but I know how little effort you put in.
That black line it too black, lock transparent pixels on the layer and paint over the top with a deep blue or whatever works for you. Darken around the lines directly under the lid, this helps people realise that the eyelid is over the top of the eye, and not somehow tucking underneath like a fucking freakshow.

Now boom! Actually no. Get rid of that dumb pupil in the middle, what was I thinking. Now you’re done, wack that shit on the rest of your drawing and you’re good to go! So kawaii!

“It’s Complicated” Isn’t Complicated, It’s A Relationship

For years Facebook has been spreading fake news. They’ve been combatting its propagation across their network the best they can by clamping down on clickbait and low value content but at the very heart of Facebook is the root of all evil and it’s called “It’s Complicated”. In fairness, there are so many options now for setting your relationship status that it’s lessened the impact of this innocuous term.

There is never a time where “It’s Complicated” is the right option to pick. “It’s Complicated” is a status you don’t want to broadcast, so having it as an option is redundant.

Example: You’re Jimmy’s mum who’s widowed, and Jimmy is dying. To cope you pick up a bit of tail on the side. Not wanting Jimmy to be upset that you’re burying the memory of his late father with some strange new dick you opt to change your relationship status to “It’s Complicated”, immediately alerting Jimmy to this turn of events when he’s asked to congratulate you on your change of status.

Example: You have a fuck buddy who’s also a friend. You don’t rush out to let people know about this, why would you? You’re just satisfying your carnal lusts inside of someone else. It’s not a relationship UNTIL IT IS. Shit well I guess you were just lying to yourself about it being complicated. You guys just didn’t want to admit it at the time.

Ok I hear you, by their very essence relationships are complicated, You’re literally up against another bag of bubbling chemistry wondering what their opinion of you is. But by marking “it’s complicated” you’re saying that your shit is on a more superior level of complication than anyone else’s. Your relationship and situation aren’t unique, That girl who’s one in a million has about 7000 counterparts in the world.

What if you’re in the middle of a breakup? Good question! Thankyou. You don’t want to mark “It’s Complicated” because it takes you straight off the market right when you’re about to re-enter it, fuck that! “It’s complicated” just complicates things, You’re single baby! Commit to it just like you didn’t commit to that relationship that’s exploding in a firey ball of angst behind you.

All 10 Maplestory 2 Female Starter Outfits

One of the first big differences you’ll find in Maplestory 2 is during character generation. In the original Maplestory the clothes you get as a fresh noob will stay on you for about as long as it took to get to Lith Harbour. In Maplestory 2 however the clothes you choose are cosmetic, meaning you might be wearing them all the way to level 50 over the top of your slowly leveling gear.

This puts a bit more emphasis on this clothing, as it remains useful forever, and isn’t thrown away at the first signs of a bronze helmet or whatever.

If you missed it we also showcased all the default hair options here. All 10 options have three pieces, tops, bottoms, and shoes, all of which can be mixed and matched. They’re all equally adorable so have fun getting your weeb on.

All Maplestory 2 Starter Hair Options

Maplestory 2 is finally getting its global English release after spending 3 years in Korea and a little under a year in China. While the first batch of beta invites have been released most fans are still waiting for their invite to come through in the second and third phase. In the meantime, you might want to start thinking about what your character is going to look like so you can hit the ground running. Below we’ve screenshot all the hairstyles available in the Chinese version of MS2.

The great thing about hair in Maplestory 2 is that you have the ability to tweak the hairstyles slightly to give you more control over your looks. Certain ponytails can be dragged and manually positioned, and hair length can be tweaked for the back and front for most cases.

The shots below feature just the 15 available options during character creation and not the plethora of available options at the hairdresser.

The character model outfit shown in the shots below are for the Soul Binder, a class not thought to be available in the initial release of the game. In the next post we’ll share all the face options, and then after that all the initial outfits available.

Ready Player One, Best Wreck it Ralph Sequel

Ready Player One was made for me, I caught the latter end of Atari, love movies, play video games, am white as fuck. I think a lot of people like me realised this early one when the trailers packed as many pop culture cameos in as possible. But not in the way that Scott Pilgrim did, where the references were so subtle that you’d be laughing while the plebs were watching on wondering what they’d just bought a ticket for. These references are stark and in your face.

I’m sorry, this review is going to move into straw man territory for a moment, but it’s cathartic for me.

I’m about to go on the heavy defensive now because I feel like the film has been chucked in the bin by a lot of people before they’ve even given it a chance. These are people who smugly point out product placement in movies, knowing that they are smart enough to see behind the curtain and have seen the Illuminati’s dark mechanisms. “Ha haaa, you won’t use nostalgia and heavy handed pop culture references to separate me from my money.” they say. As if The Force Awakens wasn’t one massive reference to itself, and as if they hadn’t blown money on it without thinking about it.

In the future, everyone bumbles into each other with VR Headsets on

Ready Player One is a movie about fan ownership of pop culture, it’s about escapism, it’s about archtypical Steven Spielberg kids fighting EA from putting pop ups into their simulated lives. The stakes don’t seem high, but not every story needs to be about destroying the real world. Spielberg is back on form with this film, for a man verging on about a million years old he brings the dynamism and energy to a film that almost never slows in pace. This is a kids adventure film with enough good humour, fun, and references to keep all the 30 somethings in the theatre entertained the whole way.

T.J. Miller does a stand out job bringing humour into the film as an animated Reaper-like character who plays one of the main bad guys. His jokes always land, and having an antognist that doesn’t really give a shit, while also caring deeply about the world he inhabits is refreshing.

Wow this is the closest I’ve ever been to a digital woman.

The movie follows Tye Sheridan as some everyman white kid who just doesn’t want to live in the shitty real world and instead spends most of it in a simulated world called the Oasis. He’s part of a small group of people who are trying to crack the mystery left behind the OASIS’s creator. Anyone who gets to the bottom of the mystery will be handed the keys to the kingdom, the stock options of the company worth a trillion dollars, and are allowed to do whatever they like with the Oasis.

Of course an evil corporation wanting to aggressively monetize the platform is also trying to bruteforce the mystery by sending 9 to 5 worker slaves into the Oasis en mass, so the kids always have a healthy number of expendable opponents to take out.

Wow this is the closest I’ve ever been to a real woman.

I honestly went in quietly hopeful for the film, and by the time I walked out of the theatre I was a little embarrassed and surprised to say I really liked it. It’s a cool film.

My cohort Matt who watched it with my commented that “I cringed no more than I do in other movies. I feel like if you’re wondering whether or not you want to see it, that line is important”.

I seriously recommend it.

Bonus Comic: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Edit: Since I first drew this comic the devs introduced a save and quit feature, which is a great compromise.

I’ve been binging Kingdom Come: Deliverance this weekend and I’ve been loving it. It’s come at just the right time for me. I’ve been wanting to get into Elder Scrolls again, but the mechanics of it haven’t been getting me very jazzed. Also the stories are a bit eh. Fortunately Kingdom Come has come to Deliverance me.

For some reason people have been comparing it to the Witcher, which is a bit weird. I mean I guess they’re both very heavy on the RPG side of things. I’ve found the story of KC far more engaging than The Witcher so far. Although to be honest, all I remember about The Witcher was that he seemed to be couch surfing from one hot bitch to another. In The Witcher’s favour though I will say that its game world was far more lush with things to do. I guess that’s the bonus about having a world infested with monsters and shit.

The easiest nitpick about KC is the save system. You autosave after mission milestones, at beds and taverns, and finally with the aid of Saviour Schnapps, which lets you save any old time (except combat). This is a limited use item that you have to buy from shop keepers or brew yourself. When you quaff it you also get a bit tipsy, which makes you stumble around when you talk to people, but makes you a bit better at smooth talking them due to your lowered inhibitions.

It hasn’t been a major stumbling block for me, but it has made me feel like I need to give the game so much more than I would with something like Skyrim. I don’t feel like I can dip in and out for five minutes, not least because sometimes loading an interaction with someone sometimes takes a minute of loading screen.

It’s an amazing game though. It’s perhaps the best peasant simulator ever.

Bonus Comic: Sea Of Mehs

There’s a lot to like about Sea of Thieves. Have you seen that water? That fucking water, man. If nothing else they’re going to make a butt ton of money licencing out the engine that makes that water look great.

As for the gameplay loop, it’s a bit eh. It’s fun for a while, but I can’t imagine playing the game any longer than the pirate in this comic does. Maybe I’m wrong, but going back and forth between islands just isn’t my jam.

I know that the whole thing is super fun with friends, but literally, anything is fun with friends. Destiny 2 is a great example of this fact.

Tomb Raider, Good Except for all the Tombs

My expectations for Tomb Raider were low. Very low. I think if the movie played all the way through I would have been pleasantly surprised, that’s how low the bar was. And you know what. I was pleasantly surprised. While I thought Alicia Vikander was the bomb in Ex Machina I just couldn’t see this waif of a human being the Tomb Raider, ya know? But by the end she’d sold me, fine take the crown from Angelina Jolie, it’s not like she was using it anyway.

The movie starts off strong, as all good origin films do. Even early on it has a fun chase to keep audiences entertained. All this promise at the start is setting up the pins in their tried and true time-worn grooves. The closer Lara gets to her quest the more samey it becomes. But you weren’t going to go see this movie for its twists were you?

When it does get to its setpiece moments it does revel in them, giving you time to enjoy it. Roar Uuthaug, a director with nothing particularly notable that you’d know, does a good job of making you feel like you’re there with Lara as she’s rolling around in tetanus ridden derelict planes or almost getting stabbed by random traps. This is perhaps the films biggest strengths, when Lara takes a hit, you know she isn’t just going to forget about it a second later. It has physicality, something a lot of these sorts of films tend to forget about.

This bit isn’t even in the movie, I just thought you’d like it.

For gamers the story seems familiar enough, Croft gets washed up on an island there is no escaping from surrounded by constant storms. Wait a minute, isn’t that King Kongs Island? She’s hunting after some Tomb©, but quickly gets tangled up with an evil corporation wanting to use supernatural powers for its own ends.

Also like the (rebooted) game it falls into the trap of Lara going from an innocent virgin of life, to a cold hard killer in no time flat. It builds up the brutality and violence of guns, and her first kill leaves her visibly shaken. By the end she’s shopping for her own death dealers.

This probably isn’t something we’d have thought about much up until recently. But weekly school shootings can make you look sideways at characters who get a taste for blood.

Matt, our resident professional with an opinion thought the start was great, but the second half not so much. “The movie was great except that bit with the tomb raiding.”

If you wanted to turn your brain off for an hour or so, you can’t go wrong with Tomb Raider. Don’t expect any surprises though.

Brigitte Lindholm

Buy this as a sticker!

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these! I haven’t even done Moira yet… Or D.Va… Or Mei… or Ana… Eh. I’ll get to them one day. The hype for Overwatch has been sustained for quite a while now, it’s kind of amazing. While Destiny 2 already feels like it’s going into its winter years, Overwatch is still triggering social media every time a new skin is released. Personally I don’t rush back to it much, except just recently with friends. I’m more likely to be found playing PUBG or Avernum.

I got back into contact with Avernum after about 14 years of completely forgetting the games name and desperately trying to find it. I remember playing it at about the same time Mmhmm came out (which got a tenth-anniversary edition in 2014) and while painting my Games Workshop Legolas miniature which still gets use in a D&D campaign I’m involved in.

Anyway, Avernum was on a demo disc that my friend got from Armageddon. I remember being charmed by how easy the game was to get involved in. Most turn-based RPGs were convoluted and stale. Avernum, on the other hand, was relatively quick and item management was simple. It even has a “junk bag” feature where you can suck up an entire towns supply of brooms and rocks into a separate sack so you don’t get your proper inventory messed up.

Anyway, It was just a demo, and I forgot about the game for a while. Then suddenly one day I had to play it again. But I didn’t know the name, and have you ever tried googling “top down turn based RPG” into image search to try and find a shareware game from 15 years ago before? It’s impossible. I rang my mate, asked him if he remembered, or still had the demo disc, but to no avail. I gave up. Then an article on Penny Arcade by Tycho made me randomly follow a game devs blog because it was a great read.

Three months down the line he posted an article about how he’s releasing his third game for the third time. Halfway through his article a screenshot he posted triggered my memory, or at least the shitty character portraits did. Holy shit, It’s the game I lost 15 years ago! Right in front of me this whole time, and getting fucking remastered to boot. 14-year-old Izak had taste!

So yeah, you should totally get the demo and give it a jam. It’s entertaining as hell! Hard though, so don’t forget to save after every battle. Personally I went straight to the second one, cause that’s the one I felt like I had played back then.