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About Izak Flash

Izak Flash Man started the site back at the end of 2007 as a blog that followed him during his gapyear. Over the intervening years it has been used for everything from the first days at uni, entry into the workforce, and various projects. Izak does pixel art, videos, comics and occasionally music. He plays a lot of video games as well which he screenshots.

Keira Hagai – Jak & Daxter

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This pixel girl came as a suggestion from Rachel, someone who dug through my google doc, and found it wanting. I recommend that you should do the same! I’ve been off my game keeping the doc up to date, so you’ll probably see a lot of new kick ass female protagonists who haven’t made it onto the doc yet.

Here’s Keira, and trust me, you don’t want to image search her. Time has not been kind to those old Playstation graphics.

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Accepted Into the Fold

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To be honest, the only reason I wanted to do this one was because of all the folds of flesh Becky did in her last comic. It just looked so much fun! Of course hers looked hella dope.

Hey we turned two yesterday! Happy birthday us! With the change we also changed our URL and branding and stuff. It’s been creeping up for a while now but we’re no longer Izak Smells, we’re now just straight up IZS.

When I first started this site 9 years ago it was to document my time as a kids camp leader and then my consequent gap year that lead me all over New Zealand, Thailand, and Philippines with 10 other awesome people. From there the blog shifted gear to University life, and then after four years of that it became about starting off as a fresh faced professional working in my field.

One morning I woke up, and I was like, I don’t want to wake up at this time in the morning. I hate this. So I started the comic. At this point I didn’t realise that I’d be joined shortly by Kristof and Becky, so the name of the blog became the name of the comic.

It never really sat right though. Some people were turned off by the immaturity of the name, and Isaac isn’t even spelt right so telling people the URL was always a painful experience. At zinefests Becky sometimes felt under-represented, since people figured that either I or Kristof were probably the Izak that smells, but who’s the random chick?

So with the help of our secret fourth band member, Matt, We got the name switched over. He’s the original fan of the comic, I’m sorry, he called dibs and had to put up with years of bullshit to get where he is today.

I’d just like to leave a big thankyou to all you subsequent fans who have come and made all three of us super motivated to follow our dreams of entertaining you, grossing you out, and sometimes making you a little sad, but in a good way.

Below Becky recounts how her story inspired the last strip I drew. Yes, she always gets this animated while talking about bugs.

↓ Transcript
2 across then a big one at the bottom maybe
starts wideish with someone walking into a place with one of those weirdo cult names
“Holy Mountain Communion Centre”

as they're ushered through an acolyte says "Welcome to the fold."
final panel, a giant lard assed person has thousands of little people sticking out the fleshy rolls in their skin
people screaming praises of "Praise be the folds!"
"Grant us your warmth."
"Never doubt the fold!”

In My Own Skin

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Hey I’m doing the writing for Becky this time around because she’s been hauling ass all night to get you this comic. On top of this she’s whipping out a bunch of new bookmarks for us to use as envelope stuffers for items on the store. We’ll share some artwork of that as soon as they’re ready!

We had a lot of fun on Twitch last night though and met a fine selection of human beings. We’re essentially becoming ambassadors for New Zealand, describing how awesome it is (and how bad it is in some instances, looking at you teen suicide rates). Talking to people via Twitch kind of feels like those early days on MSN where you shoot the shit with randoms and kind of learn about their world a bit. I’m sort of surprised at how good it feels.

Becky here!
Come say hi to us on Twitch! If you’re from another part of the world, tell me what your favourite national dish is and I’ll do my best to cook it. Not like right there and then though, in like, my own time. And then I’ll eat it.

↓ Transcript
I hear you thinking, "what does a snail look like when it's inside its shell?" I'm here to answer all your questions.
Snail smile in shell just folds and folds of skin

Nier Automata Screenshot Dump

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Major spoiler alert. These screenshots are all from the first ending of the game, so if you haven’t finished ending A yet, then you might want to skip all this.

Nier Automata is an awesome game. I love it, I think I only begun to appreciate it after completing the first ending. By the time I was using 9S I was just getting the hang of 2B’s combos and combat quirks. Oh well.

My only complaint with the game is the film bars used during cinematics. As you can see they ruin a lot of shots that would have made good backgrounds. It’s a common complaint online, but they’re baked into the cinematics so there’s no way of getting rid of them. If I’m wrong please tell me in the comment section.

This is My Fetish

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I feel like this is the perfect comic to come after Fridays. It delivers the same emotional payload with just as much craftsmanship ya know?

Last night I was live-streaming a strip for August while we’re away at Tauranga Zinefest. I nipped out for a sec to deal with a business call from nature and when I returned I found that Becky had been up to her usual shenanigans.


↓ Transcript
Guy sees a fly in the urinal he’s pissing in. Starts pissing on it.

Close up on the fly, look of extasy on its little ugly face
“This is my fetish.” (if the image comes across real strong that the fly is loving it, then drop this line)

In the Club

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This was inspired by a lot of things. This is one of those comics I sort of commissioned. As in, I had the image in my head and an art style I wanted to try out, I was just lacking a script.

So I posed it to Kristof and he immediately thought of a scene from Babel which he straight away linked to me. I didn’t ask which particular pit of despair Kristof pulled the script from. But I’m sure Babel may have had at least a small part to play.

↓ Transcript
Whenever I go to clubs,

hear the music in my chest, see the life in everyone’s faces,

I think

“So this is what it feels like
to truly be alone.”

A Knight’s Dream

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A knight and his horse are not so easily parted, even when the knight attempts to find alternate means of transport or entertainment.

We’ve been having a lot of fun streaming the process. Although I’ve still got a lot to iron out, including volume levels and buffering issues. You know. Just everything. We’ll get there eventually.

Also I found out how rough I look all of the time. I have an excuse though, I drew todays comic on Sunday morning. And people always look rough in the morning. Also I usually draw after work in the evening, when it’s also well known for people to look rough.

There is however a golden moment where I look great. But you’re just never going to see it. I swear. I need a haircut.

Today’s clip is actually a massive spoiler for Fridays comic. I’m describing to Kristof a comic idea I had yesterday morning. In fact if you listen through the recording you’ll catch a lot more comic ideas than we’d normally just give away. I essentially used it as a pow-wow session.

↓ Transcript
I’ve dreamed my whole life about this moment.



Y U leave me?

Lost in Translation

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This comic came out of the thought that humans can so easily project emotions on to animals that aren’t there. Although I think we have our cat pretty much pegged, she hates us all the time, and if she was bigger than us, she’d kill us. But since she isn’t we can instead bury our faces in her fuzzy tummy.

A lot of stuff is happening here at IZS at the moment. For instance, we just got our 800th like on Facebook! While I like to think we aren’t Like Whores, I like to think that we are at the very least Like Lovers to each and every one of you who have considered us worthy of ending up on your stream three times a week with a new comic. You guys are the best.

We’ve also taken to Twitch. We’re complete amateurs at the moment so we won’t be promoting it for a wee while yet. I spend most of my time staring at settings on OBS. By the way, big shout out to Gregor for being kind enough to tell me to use OBS like everyone else. We got a camera today, It works at smaller sizes, but as you can see, at full screen it looks like absolute garbage.

We have no set schedules or anything yet, We’re just going to play it by ear and see how our process goes. If you have any suggestions or tips, drop a line in the comment section below!

↓ Transcript
A haggard orca is lecturing a group of dolphins underwater in a pool.
“You want to get out of here, you gotta stop grinning all the time.”
“But this is just how we look...”

“I don’t want to hear it! Rise above. Make evolution your bitch and show these fuckers how miserable they make you.”

The dolphins jump from the water in formation, looking like the happiest little shits you’ve ever seen. One of them thinks ‘I think it’s working!’ The crowd goes wild.

We're dead inside!