SCHiM is an upcoming indy game about being a little creature jumping from shadow to shadow in an ultra-stylised environment. It’s all clean flat colours and lines. Every piece of artwork for this game makes me wanna cream myself with it’s confident simplicity and modern architectural flourishes.

I wasn’t aware of SCHiM until I saw it getting a release date of 18th July 2024. Upon further investigation I discovered an EP for it has already been released by Moonsailor, music written and arranged by Rafael Langoni and Gabriel Marques.

It’s only about 8 minutes of samples from the full soundtrack, but if it’s all as chill and upbeat as this I might have to buy the game for the music alone.

Moonsailor has also done music for the incredibly cozy looking Yokai Inn, which is a game I’ve been looking forward too for a few years now. Essentially it wants to cash in on people’s dreams of scrubbing monsters in that inn from Spirited Away. I’m not here to kink shame. You can check out the sample tracks here.