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Lick your face?

I wanted to try and draw a Disney princess. Looks more like a hot Tongan chick with the flower I like to think.
Huh. That’s weird. I was pretty sure I talked about it before, but can’t find any other posts about it. 56965 is a series of stickers that appeared all over Auckland early 2009 (If I remember correctly). They’ve also appeared in Wellington and Christchurch.. Oh yeah, and Hong Kong. Not much else is known about the sticker campaign. The only relevant thing I can find associated with 56965 is that its a gene sequence thats unique to humans. Or maybe this is all bull and someone just wanted to create a palindrome with numbers. (it also looks nifty upside down 29692)



  1. Matt Matt February 24, 2011

    Try starting with 'you are' and then just remove the 'a'

  2. Izak Flash Man Izak Flash Man February 24, 2011

    Ill remove YOU in a minute. Lol, nah, Becky picked up on the mistake but I forgot to go back 'n change it.

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