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The forbiddens

Sorry, I got no time to post a proper update. But this is just to say, We have reached our last day in Bangkok. This afternoon we jump onto a night train and go steaming of to Chang Mai!

What to expect when I get more time:

The ancient city.

Crocodiles being poked with sticks.

Jess falling off a bike.

A store owner giving me advice on how to learn the language. “Find a Thai girlfriend.”

Huge flooding on the way to McDonalds.

Teaching our students to become Infomurcial hosts.

And J dropping a heavy pot of Punch on his head…. No Im not going to do a bad joke about how it was a heavy hitter… Jeeze. I have my honour to think about.

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  1. Sarah Sarah August 25, 2008

    Look forward to hearing more Izak!
    We’ve got the first of our really regular Philippine trip meetings tonight! Should be good.
    We’ll keep you updated!

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