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At least this beats spring cleaning.


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Who needs insurance when you’ve got nothing worth ensuring? That way, a house fire will be just like that weekend clean out you never really got around to.

We are just one week away now from Tauranga Zinefest – this is one of the coolest little creative events in the country so needless to say we’re pretty excited. We’ll have Nimbutt enamel pins for the first time, new prints,  new bookmarks plus our comics and stickers. If you’re anywhere near in the area, take a trip to the Tauranga Art Gallery on Saturday and come say hi. It’d be great to catch up with y’all.

↓ Transcript
“Oh shit. The house is on fire. Help me grab everything valuable!”

*Looks around, doesn’t see anything valuable*


Keira Hagai – Jak & Daxter

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This pixel girl came as a suggestion from Rachel, someone who dug through my google doc, and found it wanting. I recommend that you should do the same! I’ve been off my game keeping the doc up to date, so you’ll probably see a lot of new kick ass female protagonists who haven’t made it onto the doc yet.

Here’s Keira, and trust me, you don’t want to image search her. Time has not been kind to those old Playstation graphics.

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