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I wish we could just watch

Fishy Kinks

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Hi guys!

Man, we’re having a little too much fun streaming these comics on Twitch, I think it takes me twice as long to draw! I also say a lot of dumb shit because I am dumb.

This video isn’t one of me being dumb, but one that Kristof & Izak made explaining fascism in 15 seconds. Which, unfortunately, is still a relevant definition that is needed for the people of 2017. cool video though.

But also here is a video of me being dumb.

↓ Transcript
Two female salmon having a chat.
“Spawning season gets me so horny.”
“Oh yeah, the thought of just leaving your eggs for some strong male to find…”

“That too. But what really gets me going is the risk of getting caught.”

Bear swipes at jumping salmon.

Keira Hagai – Jak & Daxter

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This pixel girl came as a suggestion from Rachel, someone who dug through my google doc, and found it wanting. I recommend that you should do the same! I’ve been off my game keeping the doc up to date, so you’ll probably see a lot of new kick ass female protagonists who haven’t made it onto the doc yet.

Here’s Keira, and trust me, you don’t want to image search her. Time has not been kind to those old Playstation graphics.

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