Who’s making all this drivel?
Izak Flash Man is. A graphic designer situated in Auckland, New Zealand. He was born at the cusp of the 90’s but on the extreme tail of the 80’s. He tires of company quickly & cherishes his time alone. He doesn’t think before he speaks and often makes a butt hole of himself. He almost never checks his spelling and grammar before posting, but when he does he’s shocked at how atrocious it all is.

My main goal for this blog is to:

To entertain and inform with the use of written and visual media. To record my life so I can look at this later and go “Oh yeah, that’s right. I remember that now.”
This also acts as a great place for the webcomic I co-create with Matthew Rust(Writer). Although not great enough to consider giving it its own site. Seriously, as soon as we have the time or the volition we’ll totally get onto doing that.


Blog History:

  • 2008 My gap year which took me across New Zealand, Thailand and Philippines.
  • 2009 First year of graphic design at Massey Uni.
  • 2010 Second year of design.
  • 2011 An intense year of posting a daily doodle… Daily. And uni.
  • 2012 Started Project: Snow the comic strip & final year of graphic design.
  • 2013 Graduated! Became a designer working for M2 Magazine. Started my pixel girl project. Went to Melbourne.
  • 2014 Turned 25 and got a new video camera. Went to the South Island.
  • 2015 Bought a house. Moved from Blogger to WordPress. Got all “webcomic” on it.