I got the scenario of this in my head while at a tiny Airport in the South Island.

Apparently while I was thinking of this comic my brothers were busy discussing guns and bombs in front of the old fat baggage guy, who doubled as pretty much the entire staff for the entire airport.

After wandering off to look at some stuff in the gift store he came over and asked us “To not make jokes about that sort of thing. I’ve had to push the button before and the armed defenders came and put the guy in prison overnight. We take these things seriously, we’ve had a takeover of a plane here before you know.”

Evidently they take jokes seriously but not security. Because I can guarantee you that the guy that got thrown in prison overnight was a waste of everyone’s time, and the guy that took over the plane didn’t fucking make any jokes before he took it over.

If you want to stop someone from nicking a plane don’t expect some elderly baggage guy harrasing passengers to be the way to go. Maybe for starters put a proper door that could maybe lock inbetween arrivals/departures/coffee shop and the fucking planes.