There’s nothing as comfortable as an outy womb!

I’ve gone full basic bitch when it comes to the Switch. Today, being payday, I wandered into an EB Games and bought a Palutena Amiibo purely because it was there. All it gave me in Breath of the wild was a few pieces of raw meat and some veges. I’m still stoked with it though. Nintendo has found the mainline into my wallet and I’m not even mad.

I’ve finally got Puyo Puyo Tetris, and I’m proud to say that you’re now talking to the 8th best player in New Zealand. Alright, so that would only make me like the 100th best in Japan (or 5000th globally) but still, you’ve got to give me this!

↓ Transcript
*Instead of a regular Transcript I have I've included the entire process conversation that lead to it's creation

Izak: A couple have just come home. The girl slinks around in her dress "Let me just... Slip into something a little more comfortable."
second panel: she's in sweat pants and a massive jumper.

Becky: I think that may have been done

Izak: Yeah 🙁

Becky: Maybe if we could make it a little more weird
What is the most comfortable thing

Izak: a marshmallow?
A dozen cats?

Becky: HAHA
A dozen cats!

Becky: Unless you twist it so she's lying on a bed of cats or something
What if!
She crawls into the pouch of a kangaroo

Izak: I dig that
I was going to say a surprisingly plush spaceship, which she proceeds to fly away in

Becky: Just looks at him "you need to try this sometime."