Cause let’s face it, magic is commonly thought of as a natural force that just permeates the rest of nature. So it stands to reason it would be just as brutal and vicious as the rest of the wildlife. None of this censored liberal communist “offends no one” bullshit. It’s all HBO brutality.

This one was written by Kristof. I’ll give you an idea of him. Shakespeare with chucks. With all of the witticisms and none of the old fashioned stuffiness. Hopefully he writes me more strips so I can use my brain power on more pressing matters. Like whether writers are all unhappy because they’re smart enough to realise there’s no point to life, but aren’t smart enough to move on and be happy anyway.

↓ Transcript
Stereotypical fantasy world, a princess and a sorceror are riding through the woods. Two rogues jump out into the road and advance menacingly. “Save me, brave Farendor!” “Okay.” He throws a bolt of magic at the two rogues. They explode in a shower of viscera. Some ends up on the princess. She is incredibly mortified and speechless. “What did you expect? A poof of smoke? *Magic*, bitch.”