This strip is what I think of as a “tennis ball” piece. Isaac wrote the gag, then I rewrote it (keeping the punch and basic idea intact) and passed in back to him for the art. We don’t work like this all the time, although it happens a lot more than it used to. I’m actually really excited about the space that IZS is in at the moment. We all have the chance to tell jokes/stories that we’re interested in, the site has undergone a bit of a redesign, the strips have colour now (Just look at those fucking city lights. Look at ’em. Love it.) and we’ve got several more exciting projects up our sleeves. All this before we’ve even reached our terrible twos.

I leave you with this piece of sage wisdom from Izak – he raises a good point, sorry mums:


↓ Transcript
A crime scene investigation unit has arrived at a crash site. The person in charge starts giving out orders.
“Okay, so we’ve got a two car collision, four of the occupants injured, one dead on arrival.”

“Martinez, check for skid marks.”

“Sir… he’s clean.”