Unfortunately it was a connecting flight that spanned many continents. All of which needed to be rebooked, including the hotels. Suffice to say that the wedding had to be cancelled and he got put to the back of the cue AGAIN for his heart surgery. He was never on time for anything ever again. He failed to turn up to his own funeral. What a tragic life. They say it goes back to that one time he thought it would be a good idea to just have six more beersies.

Hey did I ever mention we have an Etsy? Buy a pin or something if you’d like to support us. We’re starting to think about finally doing a colour book. But don’t hold you’re breath. You wouldn’t make it to the next comic, let alone to the release of a book we’re just thinking about.

I made fudge yesterday, and I have to say, it really puts it into perspective how fucked up fudge really is when you realise the only thing you put in the pan was 25grams of butter, two cups of sugar, half a cup of milk, and a bit of cocoa to make it not look like the mega sugar cube it ends up becoming. Tastes delicious though.