Battlebit remastered is an early access Battlefield game that looks like it hasn’t been mastered to begin with, let alone REmastered. It looks like Roblox, but runs on 100% less child slavery!

It was made by three guys who are classic battlefield and Squad fans who saw battlefield turn into a Santa Claus cosplay machine and decided “hold my beer I’ll do it myself.” And then they did.

The result is a full blown battlefield game with a layer of tactical shooter bullshit that pushes FPS games about two centimeters closer toward being a flight simulator. I don’t know why there are so many options for how to reload and I’ve come too far to ask now.

Talking about flight simulators, I’d quite like to see how flying is in this game but I haven’t lubed my finger to be quick enough to click on a helicopter in time yet.

If the extent of your experience with this sort of game is spawning at your base, running 300 yards and then dying to a sniper you can’t even see before rage quitting then I’m sorry, you’re going to have the same issue with Battle Bit.

Maps are fully destructible and Matches can host up to 254 players, with mixed results.

Shoddy map design with this many players can make the game feel less like soldiers on a battlefield and more like 250 mall shooters decided to start their careers at the same time.

If you’re having trouble with the mayhem you can get a much better tempered experience by going for the smaller modes. There’s no shame in having a smaller lobby. 9 out of 10 men have smaller lobbies.

I think they took the low CPU impact thing a little too much to heart. With no real lighting engine Interiors and certain tunnel systems are so featureless that looking into a room can feel like looking into an infinite beige abyss.

I could probably glitch out of the map and not notice for a good ten minutes. Just put a little edge on everything or something I dunno. my ancestors didn’t work hard on giving me depth perception just to waste it looking at this.

If adding just a little more texture to everything means melting a couple laptops from 2005 then that’s a sacrifice I’M willing to make.

While we’re talking about maps I like to run train in a featureless hole as much as the next guy but I hate these god damn metro maps. I know that everyone loves infantry meat grinders but getting lost doing nothing in these long ass hallways is as fun as irritable bowel syndrome.

Finaly the game’s audio soundscape sounds like a popcorn machine but with less bass.

But any critique I really have instantly triggers the “it’s in early access” trap card.

You can drag anybody’s body, primarily to get friends behind cover before reviving them. But there’s nothing stopping you from chucking a bad guy off a roof.

As someone who gravitates towards medic this game is non stop pulse pounding positive affirmation in the form of quietly mumbling Australians stoked I’m reviving them for the fifth time in a row. For a game with over 200 people in it, the vibes are great.

The best feature has got to be the death open mic so you can hear the cries of your enemies making their last words something poetic like “aw what, bullshit”.

The game is cheap as chips and Monetisation is non-existent. The most they offer is a supporters bundle DLC on steam which gives you some skins and shit. It’s nice going back to an experience which isn’t giving me performance anxiety to grind for loot boxes.

I think the devs are cool and have earned themselves a long term userbase. But Is this the battlefield killer? Absolutely not. The cinematic moments even modern jank battlefield can deliver will always draw me back from time to time, battlebit can only be a shadow of that existence. But Hopefully DICE are taking notes on how it’s done and what we actually want in our battlefield games.