There have been plenty of videos out there about the specs of the Retroid Pocket 3. But I want to get even further into the weeds of an already obscure topic and complain about this god damn case. Other people have already complained on reddit about this issue but I’m worried that those concerns aren’t going to surface for most people until AFTER they’ve blown 10 or 15 bucks on this dud. And your 10 bucks means a lot to me. Seriously give me your money.

Let’s talk about the pros. It’s firm both inside and out, just like the way I like my women. It comes in one colour like the model T, and has a neat logo on the zipper. It has a little webbed pocket in the lid and a cartridge flap that velcro’s down. So far so good.

If you owned a Retroid Pocket 2 and had it’s accompanying case you already know what to expect, it’s pretty much exactly the same. I don’t know what went missing in translation for this one for it to be a bad case though. No actually you know what. The placement of decimal points. This thing is actually just too small. It’s way too tight. Just like the way I like my w-

In fact it’s so tight it squeezes the power button on and off. This issue is so bad that on my commute I have felt my console turn on and off multiple times, doing it’s startup buzz through my bag.

I’ve seen multiple “fixes” for this issue including putting in foam bumpers to push the power button away from the edges, and some people put the cartridge flap in the lid underneath the unit. Or you could just butcher the side to remove the offending spots. But frankly that’s just not good enough in my opinion. If you’re going to do that you may as well support on of those 3rd party creators making cases for the pocket 3 on etsy.

Personally I opted for a switch lite case that was on clearance here in New Zealand, so that’s going to be relevant to all none of you.

Great case! Sold Out. All Mine.

I would say that the generic switch lite case is probably a smidgeon too big for the Pocket 2 cause it DOES rattle around a little, Nintendo should have thought of this. But it does the trick, and I have the added bonus of more cable space. I accidentally left it on top of the car the other day and it shot off onto the road. Miraculously the Retroid survived and the case only got a little scuff mark. So it really did the job, even if the Retroid had a bit of free space in there to rattle around in.

To be honest, now that I’ve sort of been forced into getting a bigger case, all I want is a retroid big enough to use it all. I’m already lugging around a case that big. Count me out of this clamshell business, gimme a Retroid 3++. It’d make cloud streaming just a little more comfortable.