Mihoyo, now called Hoyoverse after an explosive entry onto the world stage, is cranking out new titles. They really have no intention to rest on their laurels with Genshin Impact, and nor should they. The copycats are already closing in with the likes of Tower of Fantasy bringing their own twist to the Genshin Impact formula. It’s a weird sentence to write considering that just a few years ago people were calling Genshin a BotW clone.

To stay ahead of the competition Hoyoverse is bringing in a lot of new blood to offer fresh ideas so the company doesn’t go stale. One of their latest games Honkai Star Rail (more than just spiritually connected to their previous title Honkai Impact 3rd) has had 400 new staff added to make the game happen.

It’s a straight up turn based RPG and people have already had an opportunity to play in a few betas. Personally I don’t mind missing out on these chances because I generally overdo it during betas and burn out before getting to play the game proper.

Fortunately for those of us that are happy to wait there’s plenty of music to keep us entertained in the meantime. A lot of the music has already been ripped from the betas so we can listen to a lot of it already. Hoyoverse’s inhouse music team Hoyo-Mix knock it out of the park every time. Trying to pick a fav track from Genshin Impact is almost impossible, as every track comes in so hard.

Honkai Star Rail is a bit more bleep bloopy to match it’s scifi world so it’s going to have a hard time standing up to the sweeping orchestras of Genshin. With that said, I can tell it’s intro menu music will feel nostalgic to me before the game even releases. So they’ve achieved something there already.