Halo Infinite’s main campaign dropped yesterday so I spent the evening digging into that. If you haven’t played through the intro sequence yet there’s sort of spoilers, so maybe skip it till you’ve played at least until you’ve dropped into the open world zone.

I can’t comment on the larger game yet as I’ve not experienced the main gameplay loop enough to have any rosey sheens wear thin yet, so at the moment all my comments are “yeah, it’s great!”

In prep for this I played through Halo 4 and Halo 1 in the MCC (i’d have played the trainwreck of H5, but that ain’t coming to PC any time soon.) and it was nice seeing Cortana’s conversations with Chief from H4 echo in the opening sequences. Also the opening campaign mission totally feels like the 2021 edition of H1’s first story mission fighting through the halls and then landing on the Halo, lathered in a Destiny aesthetic.

Anyway, I’m digging it. Let’s see how I feel in a few weeks. Fuck the e-shop.