Abominable is the latest animated movie by Dreamworks, a studio I think deserves way more credit for the movies they’ve pumped out than they’ve recieved. Something about them usually means they’re missing some of the Pop sensibility that makes Pixar’s stuff gobble up all the attention.

Abominable is about a girl, Yi, who lost her dad and just wants to get away from her remaining family. By way of a postcard journey from her home in Shanghai through every amazing view China has to offer and through to Mount Everest with a magical Yeti she learns to cry and appreciate who she still has.

If anything this movie is a great tourist ad for people looking for an excuse to check out the beautiful sites of a country who’s biggest production is human rights abuses. It is refreshing to see something other than New York for a change.

I’m not sure I really need to say more than that, this movie has heart, and it delivers it 100 times better than adult films out at the moment are able to, I’m looking at you Ad Astra.

The movie is very much about family is it is for family. Vocal talents in the film include a great performance from Eddie Izzard as the antagonist and Chloe Bennet as Yi. Another notable name is Tenzing Norgay Trainor (grandson of THE Tenzing Norgay), who plays the voice of Jin, Yi’s cousin.

I think as I get older it gets easier to affect me with things. I don’t know, maybe it’s life experience and being able to see things from other peoples perspective a bit easier. When I watch animated movies about kids getting astranged from their parents I think just as much about the parents who are usually closer to my age than the protagonists are.

All that is really an excuse to say I had a lump in my throat from the very beginning, and I was never able to shake it.