Recently I got my hands on a Cintiq Pro 16 through work, and it’s given me a new lease on drawing. It got me excited again ya know? I know it’s sad to let your passion be dictated by toys and trinkets and fads but I didn’t make the rules here. I’m just letting the ol’ lizard brain lead me around.

I’ll drop a review of the Cintiq here tomorrow I reckon, but just check out a couple of the drawings I’ve done on it recently which haven’t made it onto the posts for the comic.



The site is still looking garbage after I switched the theme over a couple weeks ago. What we traded for a nice e-commerce look we lost in post formatting. Although I guess the last one didn’t look that great either in

that department. I gotta continue working out the gross little quirks it has. But at least the original piece of IZS now has a little bit more of a highlight on the front page. This blog area sort of took a massive step out of the spotlight for a while which didn’t really give me much a reason to write anything here.

Here’s today’s recommended track, if it doesn’t make you tap your toe then go see a psychologist or an ear doctor because you’re deaf mate.