I was unable to make it to the screening of this film so in my place I sent professionals with opinions Matt Rust and Quin Polderman.

They are men of few words, making them perhaps the worst individuals to have on as writers, they did however both agree that they “would’ve paid to watch that.” which is perhaps the most glowing review for a movie you can get.

“It has all the ingredients you’d find in one of those ‘loop movies’ but with the benefit of a ridiculously hot lead actress.” Quin told me.

The movie is essentially groundhog day, except the twist is that the Jessica Rothe, the aforementioned ridiculously hot lead actress, just happens to be getting murdered on the day. She has to figure out how to break the loop and remain unmurdered if she wants to live.

If you think that this movie sounds a lot like Groundhog Day then you aren’t alone, Happy Death Day makes a direct reference to this fact right at the end.

The film is directed by¬†Christopher B. Landon who’s most notable works include all the followup Paranormal Activity movies and last years Viral.

“She was a total bitch at the start it it was so easy to hate her,” Matt went on. “But like the minute she was nice and smiley to people she was totally bangin’.”

“We both agreed that it’s pretty incredible how much more attractive the main character was with a positive attitude.”

This opinion troubled me, as I find the sexualisation of asking women to smile or have a positive attitude two steps back for feminism. I deeply regret having these guys as friends, or in fact as acquaintances.

I support a woman’s right to remain undeveloped as a person and not be murdered over and over again in an effort to teach her a lesson.