You may only remember the giant Atari logo and Coke billboard in the cinematic masterpiece Bladerunner, but those weren’t the only products the movie sold out to. Johnnie Walker also featured.

Now with the release of 2049 the whisky brand is celebrating for hitching its horse to the right wagon the first time around by doing a limited run of the Black Label.

Fans first saw a peek of the new bottle at Alcon Entertainment’s Blade Runner 2049 Experience presented by Johnnie Walker at San Diego Comic-Con. The bottle will also appear in the new film in a scene where Ryan Gosling takes a swig and goes “Wow, this is yummy. What is this?” to which the barkeeper replies “Johnnie Walker Black Label”. “Sorry what was that I missed that the first time.” “Johnnie Walker Black Label.” the barkeeper enunciates. “This stuff is yum,” Ryan Gosling says, turning to the camera.

Only 39,000 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut have been produced and will be available in select countries around the world while supplies last. The rich, smooth blend has aromatic and vanilla flavors, with clouds of smokiness and will be bottled at 49% ABV – a nod to the futuristic period in which Blade Runner 2049 is set.

The limited-edition blend is housed in a unique and futuristic bottle, similiar to the original, but cooler.

Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge noted, “What we have created in Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut is something really special that fans will be able to relate to and whisky drinkers will love. I was truly inspired by Villeneuve’s artistic vision for Blade Runner 2049 and how it could come to life in this new blend. I learned that filmmaking is much like blending–you have to constantly be committed to creating the best possible outcome. Johnnie Walker blending tradition dates back to 1820 and I’m honored to carry on the legacy and collective memory of our other past blenders to ensure that the same whisky enjoyed today can be enjoyed responsibly in 2049.”

Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut is available for Blade Runner fans in the US and other select countries with an SRP from $89.99.