Alexandra Daddario has quickly become the darling of the world. Or at least Reddit. Reddit is the world, right? In TV land she quickly became known for some uh, quite memorable scenes in True Detective, but what most people will remember most about Daddario is her eyes, and how they look right through you into your secrets and then on toward the darkness beyond.

Her most recent role saw her star alongside Zac Efron & The Rock in the comedy reboot of 90s cult classic Baywatch. While the movie itself was panned by critics for lacking the campy charm of the TV show, general audiences dug it after getting up the courage to spend some disposable income on it. Daddario plays the young Summer Quinn, a role from the show that had previously been held by Nicole Eggert back in the day.

This isn’t the first time Daddario has acted alongside Dwayne Johnson though. Her last film in 2015, the disaster film San Andreas where she play’s Blake, the daughter of Johnson’s character Ray. Johnson spends most of his time running around saving people which is pretty much exactly what he does in Baywatch. However, he was so impressed with her that he had to get her onto Baywatch.

“She takes Baywatch to another level.” He said on Instagram. The “World fell in love with Daddario in San Andreas and I was so impressed by her chops and presence every day, that I had to have her ‘rep the squad’ in our film.”