I came out of retirement to bring you 2B, from Nier Automata, a game released by Square Enix earlier in the year for the PS4, and just the other day on PC. I might pick it up as a gift to myself after the wedding, depending on whether I find something cooler in the meantime.

You can now buy this as a sticker!

The game has three playable characters, but I think YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) is everyone’s favourite. The other two are YoRHa No. 9 Type S (9S) and YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2) who I might draw later.

the main controversy of the game came when a photoshopped screengrab from the trailer gave 2b a rather accurate butthole, brown circle and all. The original image was just a regular panty shot you can expect from any Japanese made game.

However the game designer yoko Taro couldn’t help but make fun of the situation. From a translated tweet he said this:

“Due to the 2B butt controversy, many outrageous drawings are being made. Collecting them to share individually is a pain. I’d like it if I could get them sent in a zip file every week.”

Of course, when you leave a challenge like that floating out for your fans to collect you zips full of Hentai the people were more than willing to oblige.

“After saying ‘send me zips of 2B art’ word got around and I actually got a zip. The Internet is great.”