Whisky Galore! is a comedy featuring Eddy Izzard and pretty much every side character from Game Of Thrones that died in the last season. The film, which is based on a true story and a previous film from 1949, centers on a tiny Scottish island called Todday during World War II. The island has a whisky draught due to the war, and this leaves the islanders terribly depressed. However a nearby ship hits the rocks and sinks just off the coast full of to the brim of whisky bound for America. Scottish hilarity ensues.

It's a quaint movie where nothing much seems to happen but you enjoy it nonetheless. The accents at times will become inaudible to the untrained ear, and almost requires subtitles, but this is only for a few characters.

Eddy Izzard does a good job at playing the buffoon leader of the homeguard, about the only person on the island who wants to let God take the whisky to davey jones locker, and not into anyone else's locker.

The humour is solid, if not subtle at times. There were times in the cinema I was laughing when everyone else was sitting there in stony faced silence. But that's not unusual.


The story has a nice cast of antagonists, traitors, heroes and lovers. However it does feel like it ends rather suddenly, despite having a nice bow put on the story. The moral you take away from the film is that whisky solves everything, and is worth fighting and dying for, which I think is something we should be teaching our kids.

Despite what sounds like a long list of downsides, this film was real cute and fun. It's the sort of thing you watch on a rainy afternoon when you're sick because you want the movie equivalent of a hug.

The film drops in New Zealand on January 5th, 2017. Now, time to go have a quick dram.