The Founder follows the asshole who stole McDonald's from two brothers, and his infamous rise to power.

The movie thrives in it's monologue retelling of the initial idea of McDonald's coming together. Nick Offerman (Dick) and John Carroll Lynch (Mac) capture the creative joy of the original founders perfectly. As you're watching them sweetly describe how the redesigned the kitchen floor over and over again on a tennis court with chalk you're instantly charmed. You're even saying to yourself “Man, I'm definitely gonna hit up McDonald's after this movie is over.”

But these two charming men are merely there as a contrast to the asshole Ray Kroc played by Michael Keaton, a failing entrepreneur who's looking for the business venture that will rocket him to the stars. He's the centerpoint of the film, an energetic anti-hero that the directors don't bother to make likable.


Laura Dern plays the tragically supportive estranged wife that will tug your heartstrings. Linda Cardellini plays the weirdly aged hot blonde bitch. Now that I'm writing this down, every character in this film is there to highlight how Ray Kroc was an asshole in a different way.

By the end of the film you'll probably still want to go to McDonald's for dinner afterward, but more out of loyalty to your enthusiasm from the beginning of the film. As the lights came back on in the cinema I turned to Matt our professional with an opinion and said “Well… That was a real fucking downer wasn't it.”

Matt's own opinion was a little more eloquent, “It made me start thinking that maybe I could be a successful business tycoon one day until I remembered that I'm not an asshole.”

This is a movie that could have easily been a better documentary. Give it a miss at cinemas, you can watch it in your own time on the small screen.