To keep abreast of the butt ton of studies and research making their way into unread journals around the globe we’re putting together a small collation of science news from over the week into a bite sized chunk for you.

Mice Sing Like Jet Engines

University of Cambridge peeps have discovered that Mice sing to each other in ultrasonic whistles never seen in a creature before. They use a small air jet coming from the windpipe against the inner wall of the larynx, causing a resonance and producing an ultrasonic whistle.

“This mechanism is known only to produce sound in supersonic flow applications, such as vertical takeoff and landing with jet engines, or high-speed subsonic flows, such as jets for rapid cooling of electrical components and turbines,” said Dr Anurag Agarwal, study co-author.

Pokemon Go Could Give you an Extra Month Of Life But Niantic Has Fixed That

A study by Microsoft of all people has found that Pokemon Go, a game people once played for 3 weeks, has added “2,825 million years of additional lifetime to its US users alone”, just by getting them walking. Niantic has recently patched out Pokemon from appearing when people go “driving speed” to stop cruisers from killing themselves. However due to GPS glitches throwing your character around a map, it can also nerf walkers.

Eastern Europe Scores Zero in Empathy

Dudes at Michigan State University found that Lithuania and 7 other Eastern European countries have almost no empathy for their fellow man. On the flipside the arabs in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait are all in the top ten! Saudi Arabia and the UAE are even ranked higher than the United States, which ranks 7th.

Here’s a picture of some Saudi’s lobbing some empathy bombs over to Yemen.

You Can Make Semen Act Like Locusts

While trying to find an objective way to measure sperm fertility, Computer scientists and bonafide Sperm Watchers found that at a certain concentration in a ring of plastic under a microscope sperm would start moving in unison together.

Professor Pierre “Sperm Watcher” Degond put it like this: “Experiments with locusts have shown that if you have just a few locusts, they will jump in random directions. But confine them and add enough locusts, then they will start to move coherently in the same direction, just like the sperm in our experiment.”

So if your sperm count is low, they won’t be hive minding it up in your dick.