Ouija: Origin of Evil is the second film and also prequel in the franchise of Ouija. I feel like it’s a bit awkward to call a series a franchise when the second film has only just been released, but whatever.

Hasbro has had a fine time under the hollywood spotlight recently, first Battleship and now a string of horror films based on their boardgame giving evil spirits the opportunity to fuck up families ages five and up.

Ouija is a breath of fresh air that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It feels like a proper movie if you catch my drift, there’s a lot going on. Mostly the only set changes in a horror movie are “day” and “night”. This one however has enough going on to cut together a gag trailer of a family who lost it’s father/husband and slowly has to rebuild a life without him. It’d even seem like a heart warming trailer. That is of course if you mix up the scenes and leave out the bits where things are crawling into a little possesed girls mouth.

There’s jump scares aplenty but I didn’t begrudge it in this case. The character development in the film is minimal but fine. Unless you count dying as a character development. I like how that one character developed from being living to being dead. The characters do however have cool personalities and the movie isn’t afraid to give off a little humour every now and again, even if some of it is unintentional due to cliche “possession movements”.


The film also passes the bechdel test. It however doesn’t pass the reverse bechdel test, as the only two nameable male characters in the movie are never in a room alone together talking about anything other than women.

Matt Rust, Our resident professional with an opinion says “I feel like staying inside with your clearly demon-possessed murderous child is one of those decisions that has an obvious answer.”

All in all, it was an enjoyable film which left me genuinely tense. If you’re thinking about freaking yourself a little this halloween it’s a recommended watch.