Origin movies are always the best movies and Doctor Strange is no exception.

Marvel has always made incredibly safe movies, and because of this they always work. In this one they get even safer with the trademark humour and a carbon copy personality of Tony Stark. Cause everyone loved Tony Stark right?? So why not given him a different name and get Benedict Cumbersnatch to play him? Except of course that Eggs Benedict’s character will be stepping on toes if he stayed that way, so this movie takes him on a nice character development arc missing from most of these movies.

The fight scenes are holy balls amazing with certain scenes looking like they’ve been pulled from¬†Pete Ulatan’s Instagram. I have to take my hats off to the After Effects wizards who got this movie looking so balls to the wall amazing, it really payed off. Every fight scene had a new awesome set piece moment, and rather than groan and go “ugh here’s the new gimmick they’re dangling in front of me like a pair of jangly keys,” I was totally sold. You might be tempted to go and see it in 3D, but as we all know 3D is a big pile of shit no matter what. But if you like big piles of shit don’t let me stop you.

Tilda Swinton was well cast, she’s always freaky, and if anyone could play an ageless celtic sorceress then she can. Rachel McAdams plays the love interest who really shouldn’t be interested but has to be because Chumbawumba keeps walking back into and demanding kisses and cuddles.


Mads Mikkelsen plays the generic “Let’s destroy the world and be immortal after we’ve all been toasted by astral fires.” which sounds like the exact same character he’s going to be playing in Rogue¬†One.

Matt our resident professional with an opinion stated “Origin stories are always interesting. The sequel will probably suck”.

Doctor Strange is the latest in a long row of Marvel movies that will continue to dominate theatres till long after we’re all dead and gone. Long live Marvel.